Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction... (Ronald Reagan)



Act 4 Freedom Media:

Uncensored International Media Group from sources around the World presented at one media news site in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish so we can secure real news without being censored by State Controlled Media and the corrupt politic systems. By sponsoring the uncensored Act 4 Freedom Media Group, we will shut down the unnecessary State Controlled Media founded by our taxes! Why should we pay taxes for censored propaganda services?

Act 4 Justice:

Official sponsor of the EU Tribunal & Act 4 Justice (International Movement of collective Unions for Government Affairs) in many different countries Worldwide, so we can take collective legal justice, lawsuits, petitions & claims. We collectively support International Political Parties representing our interests. Backed-up by millions of people, we will unite against corruption and undemocratic mismanagement, all in the interest of the International community/taxpayers. It is our democratic right and duty to claim justice!


Act 4 Your Health:

Non-Profit Pharma Industry that will be founded by millions of people around the World, so we control our own researches against bad diseases. Also we will fabricate medicines at low-cost prices for our members and build an Collective International Healthcare Insurance at the lowest cost possible. By working and founding together a own International Social Healthcare Project. Making profit on illness and suffering is inhumane!


Act 4 The West:

United International Think Thanks Movement includes all the Union Presidents for Government Affairs and International professional partners Worldwide. So we will secure the Western culture and the future of our (grand)children.


Act 4 Free Speech:

* International uncensored Social Media Community GAB.AI, that respects the free speech.

* Web Search Engines tracks you, the Web Search Engine DUCKDUCKGO.COM claims to be free of tracking.

* Use Anonymity Online from TORPROJECT.ORG and protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.


Act 4 Fun:

International Collective Discounts, for all the indoor & outdoor activities! When we’re an International Movement by millions of people we can get a lot of benefits. So we offer a Non-Profit webshop where you can order with discounts for Holidays, Hotels, Theme parks, Zoo’s, Cinema’s, Museums, Cottages, Wellness Spa, Indoor- & Outdoor activities etc. The Non-Profit will be donated to the Act 4 Your Health Organization, for the benefits of our Social Healthcare. Let’s have fun, while donating at the same time to contribute for your own Healthcare.


Act 4 Freedom Media

(Uncensored International Media Group)

Act 4 Justice

(International Unions for Government Affairs & EU Tribunal)

Act 4 Your Health

(Non-Profit Pharma Research, Medicines & Health Insurance)

Act 4 The West

(International Thinktank for Western Civilizations)

Act 4 Free Speech

(NEW! Uncensored Social Media Community)

Act 4 Fun

(International Collective Discounts Webshop)



Act 4 Freedom

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