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For many years our International Western civilizations is turned into a undemocratic, corrupt system where our political representatives (paid by our tax money), turned their back against their own citizens/taxpayers, by using their powers and positions in behalf of their own career by taking benefits & royals from multinationals, bankers, oligarchs, pharma industry, foundations etc. - In return of favors & corruption - Their only goal is to obtain their controlled global powers and wealth over the free & independent people of the World.


The Main Stream Media in every Western country is controlled by our political representatives and their illegal business partners, that are censoring our news, by using propaganda and brainwashing the public opinion.


So please wake up, before it's too late... As consumers we are responsible and founding this illegal, corrupt and undemocratic system that will make us victims of tyranny and war desire to break down our world, freedom, independence and peace. We make people/multinationals rich that take advantage over us, by their wealth and bought-in political power to become more richer and powerful. It's an International Elite Club that has a strategy to build foundations & organizations to infiltrate our political systems and build an army of corrupted bureaucrats around the system.


If the free & independent people of the Western civilization will unite, we can start creating our own Non-Profit organization by stepping out of that system and found our own protection for free speech, health, security, Western cultural preservation and justice against undemocratic, corrupt systems. It's very simple to realize, when we unite at an International level by millions of free & independent people across the World by cutting of - The Elites financial profits and political powers - Instead of spending your money on their corrupt benefits, we spend it at our own International foundation & organizations.


This Act 4 Freedom Movement will create our own uncorrupted, legal, democratic, peaceful International civilization by founding: a collective legal justice against Government Affairs with our International Unions (Act 4 Justice),  EU Tribunal, a Non-Profit Pharma Researches & Medicines, Uncensored Worldwide News and joined forces with International Think Tanks to secure our future and our (grand)children and benefits all kinds of International Collective Discounts by negotiating for millions of people at the same time.


As an International Movement we will renegotiated our illegal claimed tax money with all Governments Worldwide, without an agreement that our tax money will only be used for the benefits of the taxpayers and their societies, the current tax payment is an enforcement=slavery!  Most Governments has their own “Foundations” to collect their taxes. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 8 ICCPR & Article 4 ECHR) it's forbidden to act on this form as enforcement=slavery. Taxes is a gift and foundations can only collect gifts, Governments has no legalization to claim taxes on a free human being, without any official agreement between taxpayers and the tax collectors. Taxes is a gift to a State/Country that has their duty and responsibility to secure social healthcare/ houses/ security/ education/ employment/ social aids/ infrastructure for their own taxpaying citizens. Do we want our taxes wasted on wars, subsidies and bureaucrats?


We must stop the founding of this corrupted, cooperative globalism! So we finally end their corrupt systems and take back control over your life by making your lives free, independent, healthy, justified, democratic, peaceful and much cheaper… It's necessary to reject the old corrupt, undemocratic system and create a renewable fair democratic system that serves humanity. This movement will back-up political parties & leaders worldwide that represents the interest of the Western taxpayers and his civilization! Our International Political Ideology stands for a uncorrupt, free Western realism & values. We are the majority!


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